Glass Scratch Damage
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Glass Scratch Repair

With GLASS POLISH, repairing scratched glass damage has never been easier or safer.

We have a fully trained team of glass repair technicians who are able to repair all types of glass scratch damage, from a single scratch on one pane to 100% coverage or multiple panes.

GLASS POLISH can provide full glass restoration, scratch repair and renovation and protection services.

Our international network of repair technicians deliver an outstanding service, guaranteed across all types of glass.

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Severity of glass scratches

Scratch damage is split into three main categories depending on the depth of the marks: light, medium and deep.

Light Scratch 

Grey in colour and very faint. A scratch that your fingernail would not catch. It is often the result of careless cleaning or rubbing, as well as sand paper scuffs

Medium Scratch

Dark grey or light white in colour. A scratch that your fingernail would catch, it is often caused by hard blunt objects such as a stone or razor blade.

Deep Damage

White in colour and easily visible to the naked eye. Your fingernail would easily catch in a deep scratch. This type of damage is caused by excessive pressure from a heavy object e.g. graffiti scratches.