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Rx7 taillight restoration
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Headlight Restoration

What Makes Headlights Cloudy or turn Yellow?
  • Oxidation: Acrylic headlights oxidize when exposed to UV light. Headlight lenses come with a clear top coat to help prevent this, but eventually, the coating wears off, and sunlight turns the hard plastic yellow.
How to Keep Headlights from Turning Yellow
DIY Temporary Solutions:

To restore your headlights yourself, start by washing the lenses with dishwashing soap so you have a clean surface to work with. Then, try any of these techniques to remove the haze from your headlights:

  • Headlight restoration Kit: All restoration kits purchased from Supercheap or similar supply sandpaper and a clear top-coat. Whilst this may seem right, the clear topcoat is Acrylic and will last 12 months before looking yellow again. Acrylic clears also are a low sheen (will not be ultra clear)
  • Plastic Polish: Apply Polish directly to each lens. Buff with a soft, dry cloth. Clean up and enjoy the restored appearance of your headlights.
  • WD40: Spray liberally with WD40. Buff in with a soft cloth and enoy the enhanced appearance
Professional Headlight Restoration:

The results from DIY headlight cleaning only last about a month. The abrasive chemicals remove the oxidation, but they don’t protect against future yellowing. Professional headlight restoration is more effective. It involves:

  • Sanding the headlights to remove the oxidized outer layer.
  • Increase grit increment ready for 2K solid top coat clear
  • Sealing the headlights with a high-quality 2k clear coat to prevent future yellowing.
headlight restoration polishing
Restore Your Yellowing Headlights with Help from Glass Polish QLD
  • 12 Month Warranty against Yellowing

  • Ultra Clear 2k Sikens Clear Coat

  • Priced from $132 a pair

Now that you know what makes headlights yellow, it’s clear that the best option is professional headlight restoration.

Let the team at Glass Polsih restore your headlights to like-new condition.

Our results are long-lasting for safer nighttime driving.

Acrylics and Plastic Restoration

Acrylics and Plastic items wether machinery, cars, househould items will get scratched, damaged or just dulled.

Glass Polish QLD are the right choice when it comes to plastic repairs. from damage, broken parts, scratches or fading.

Our list of products we can repair is exhaustive.

  • Show Case display cabinets
  • Hatches and Vents
  • Auto car par parts from Interior parts to Tailights, Garnishes, mouldings.
  • Machinery doors and windows ie: Bobcat, Excavators
How we repair your items:

We will assess the items you need repairing, each part is treated differently based on outcome and usage.

Most Plastics are sanded to remove the scratches and then Polished with Novus 321 Plastic Polish to acheive a high gloss shine.

Some acrylics require a UV stabilizing clear coat and in this instance the above steps are used and finished with a 2K clear top coat.

Caterpillar bobcat hatch door repair

Bobcat (Caterpillar Positrak) access hatch restoration.

Tail lights restored scratches polishing

Mazda RX7 Tail light restoration. Dulled and Scratched to new.

shower base crack repair

Shower base Repair.
This base suffered Cracks and splits. The Base was filled with expanding foam to fill the Void, then Plastic welded, Epoxy filled. Finished with Adhesion promotor, High Build Primer and a 2K solid White finish.