You or a subcontractor have caused scratches to a clients window.

We all need some guidance in this area. Whether we are an end user that has had our glass scratched by a third party or you are the party that caused the scratches, we first need to determine if the glass will actually require repair under current Australian legislation. The AS/NZS 4667:2000 outlines this for us.

How to check for blemishes:

  • Clean the glass in accordance with manufacturers recommendations
  • Stand in the room no less than 3 metres away from the glass and look directly through it.
    Glass must be viewed at 90 degrees to the window
    a. Inspect the glass in natural daylight, but not in direct sun or with visible moisture on the
    surface of the glass.
    b. Where it is not possible to stand at the correct distance then stand as far away as you can
    from the glass.
    c. Exclude 50mm wide band around edge of the glass from the check when viewing IGUs.
    What to expect when viewed as described
    While AS/NZS 4667-2000 is the definitive reference, generally flat transparent glass, including laminated or
    toughened or coated glass is acceptable if;
    • There are no bubbles in the glass greater than 5mm in diameter.
    • A panel of glass contains one bubble between 1mm and 5mm in diameter per 1.6m x 1.6m of area.
    • There are bubbles smaller than 1mm in diameter.
    • Scratches should not be visible from 3m or more.
  • The obtrusiveness of blemishes is judged by looking through the glass, not at it, under natural light. It must
    be understood that the glass used in single and double glazing is a processed glass, and so as a
    consequence, blemishes are to be expected.

Glass Scratch removal resolution:

For those that fall in the 3rd Part category: Builder / Construction, Cleaner, etc: Your customer is expecting repairs caused by you or one of your subcontractors to your glass. If you cannot reason with the customer that the blemishes cannot be seen in non direct sunlight and at 3m then you need to make the call if it is worth the fight to keep your client happy. Either way Glass polish is here to help make that repair painless and simple. The Glass Scratch removal process is simple and the scratches will be removed as a permanent fix.

Accidental scratches to clients glass?

Did you accidentally scratch the glass?

No problems we can rectify the problem for you!

Do I have to fix the scratches in glass?

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