shower screens polished
corroded water stains pool glass
before and after shower restoration

Shower Screen Restoration

  • There is no Chemical that can remove Stage 2 Corrosion

  • Hard water stains will etch within 12 Months

  • We can Repair Stage 2 Hard Water Stains

Do a google search for how to clean hard water marks or corrosion from your shower screen there is 500 results on vinegar, bleaches, lemon juice, CLR, WD40, Grandmas secret potion.

And then lets not forget about the facebook chat experts.

Well we hate to tell you there is two types of corrosion.
Stage 1 and Stage 2.

Stage 1 can be removed DIY and yes there is many effective ways at getting it off.

Stage 1 Hard water Corrosion:

It creates a cloudy appearance but doesn’t actually cause damage to the glass, so it can be removed from the surface of the glass.

As long as the Ph stays relatively low, or acidic (below 9 Ph ) the deposits will remain on the surface of the glass.

Stage 2 Hard water Corrosion:

If the glass becomes too alkaline, hydrogen ions in the water loosen silicon ions in the glass, creating pits in the surface of the glass.

Sodium and calcium ions in the water then bond to the surface of the glass.

When the minerals start to eat away and damage the glass leaving etching, it is classified as stage 2 and this can only be removed by grinding the Surface back below the etching and then polishing it back to new.

Check out our gallery below of successful jobs. One shower was over 50 years old and was brought back to life.

Pool Fence / Balustrade Glass Hard Water Staining

Just like all the facts about shower screens and Hard Water Corrosion, Pool glass and Balustrade glass suffer the Same problems with corrosion.

Except Salt and hard water are the major culprits.

Commonly Glass has been stored flat packed in the weather and corrosion has resulted.

Other wise water splashing on the glass or just damp salt air over time has left the glass Etched beyond conventional cleaning methods.

We can grind the surface below the etching and polish the glass back out like new.

tea staining and corrosion balustrade glass
polished hard water salt corrosion and spiggot polish

Restoration to this Salt etched balustrade. Check out our stainless steel restoration also also shown in these before and after shots down the gold coast.