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Scratch Removal Car Door Glass & Screens

Auto glass frequently gets scratched, due to road debris and normal wear and tear. Scratches caused by wiper marks on the windscreen can cause a vehicle to fail its safety test and could reduce visibility to a dangerous level. We polish scratched car glass with zero distortion.

Scratches caused by grit caught between the doors and the side windows, accidental ring scratches, and vandalism on side windows can seriously detract from the appearance and value of the vehicle, and these can also be removed with the Glass Polish system.

Grinding Splatter, Welding Slag and Sandblasting may also be removed though in many instances the damage may be too deep and some minor residual damage could persist.

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Car Restoration Glass Projects
We can repair all car glass. We specialise in removing all scratches from your glass and restoring entire projects. Hot Rods, street machines or just your pride and joy is our speciality. Interstate? we can arrange a pick up and return service.

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New Car Handover defects
We will come to you and Repair Windows, Glue marks, transport damage, grinding marks, graffiti, or anything else like cleaning scratches left by razor blades removing stickers and paint on any piece of glass in the car.

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Panel Beaters and Used Car Repairers
We are specialists in Servicing Panel repair shops accross QLD. Wether it was in house accident damage or under insurance we can save thousands on the cost of new glass. The results of polishing are so impressive as we are able to completely resurface the glass and restore it to its original clarity looking better than new

Glass Scratch Removal Public Transport – Trains and Buses

Wether it is new or used scratches on Glass is unslightly.

We take all the hard work out of having to replace the glass by removing just one scratch or dozens. We also can remove hard water staining commonly found on buses that have been working in areas like alumina refineries.

Every day you will find our engineers working with the main public transport companies around Australia helping to combat the growing graffiti problem. Our engineers are fully qualified to work on the rail network. Working closely with various companies in the industry we developed a more cost-effective way of removing damage caused by graffiti vandalism. Using our unique repair system we remove scratches, acid etching and chemical damage from buses and trains, and we supply and fit scratch guard protective window film to prevent further damage in future.

We provide a full clean-up service and a complete maintenance plan to ensure a more sustainable planned budget solution, with cost-effective solutions for different types of damage.

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