grinding spark damage to glass
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Grinding and Welding damage to Glass

Most damage can be repaired but in most instances grinding damage is a raised molten lump of metal melted in to the glass. It will Be Black or has turned rusty.

We can 100% remove all raised and black particles from the surface.

There may be some Small white pin head marks remaining in the glass that is next to un-noticeable and generally meets the AS in glass visibility defect requirements. Wether they can be removed completely is dependent on how close and concentrated the impact was.

We can suggest that in most instances 90% of the marks will be gone and the remaining 10% are those white pin heads.

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How it happens

Grinder or welder splatter is caused when using an angle grinder or welder near glass, resulting in burn marks from metal particles appearing on the surface.

Our team can polish and remove all types of grinder and welder splatter damage, restoring the quality of your products.

Removing grinder or welder splatter damage has never been easier or safer, thanks to our fully trained team of technicians.

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Severity of splatter damage

Splatter damage can be classified into three main categories depending on the cause: spotted, concentrated and welder.


Individual burn mark spots spread over the surface. Caused by angle grinders.


Clusters of burn mark spots spread over the surface. Caused by angle grinders.

Welding Slag

Burn marks that look like water drops spread over the surface. Caused by welder splash.