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Construction Site Damage

We have extensive experience in removing scratches and damage from glass on site for various building contractors from third party contractors to top construction companies. Over the past 10 years we have come up against and successfully repaired various types of damage to new build projects. We understand the importance of deadlines, and we can supply the amount of glass engineers required on site to ensure the repair work is completed within the stipulated time.
From working on varied projects worldwide we have found that each project and client is different, which is why we provide free consultation to make sure we achieve the expected repair requirements. All of our repair work is fully guaranteed to exceed any industry standards for visual quality. We completely resurface and restore the glass leaving a new clean and improved surface.

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If your Shopfront is damaged, we know you cant afford downtime. benefits are the glass is returned to nearly full strength, it wont need removing. the cost of new glass can be well in to the thousands of dollars.

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Repair Windows, Doors, Construction damage, welding Spatter, grinding marks, graffiti, and left over cleaning scratches left by razor blades removing stickers and paint.

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We are specialists in shop refits, completing retail refurbishment to the highest standard. The results of polishing are so impressive as we are able to completely resurface the glass and restore it to its original clarity looking better than new

scratchless glass window

Retail – Shop Front Glass

Graffiti scratching is caused by forcing a hard metal object such as a stone, screwdriver, knife, spark plug or a diamond glass cutter over the surface of the glass. Because the damage has been done deliberately, it is the deepest scratch damage we come across but can be easily repaired leaving a completely restored shop front.

Ignoring graffiti scratches could damage the image of the retail business and will attract more damage. Replacing the glass is expensive, so repair is the most cost effective solution allowing huge savings compared to replacement.

Commercial & Building industries